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About Lisa and Harry

Mummy and HarryI have this beautiful son who to me is the most amazing person to walk this earth, and I am grateful that everyday I am lucky enough to share his life and watch him grow to be a wonderful man.  Harry was born on 16th July 2010 and has been keeping me very busy and entertained ever since.  I wanted to show Harry the world and give him every opportunity to be a child and enjoy playing and learning, so I made it my focus to try and take him somewhere new most weekends so we could have a new, fun experience together.

Harry, like most 2 year old boys has a lot of energy, which can be challenging at times, plus I have entered the world of tantrums which usually happens in public and at the worst time.  I do the best I can to make the most of our days out, but I found that sometimes when you are on your own with a buggy, bags and a demanding toddler, days out would be easier if you had some guidence or a friend to show you around, or give you advice on some of the new places you would like to visit.

I really hope you enjoy my updates and you find value in the experiences I share with you.

The purpose of my blog to help you find a good day out with your toddler or children, and provide you with some information that might help plan your day better.  I have visited some places where there was nothing Harry could climb on or facilities to cater to his needs when it came to feeding and changing time, and I wished I had known in advance so it wasn’t a wasted day.  I also hope my blog offers people the opportunity to develop their confidence, especially when you are on your own.

The views on this blog are those expressed by the author and do not represent the organisations featured.  The reviews are based on my personal experience so please bear this in mind – thank you.



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